Everyday Stewardship Services

Everyday Stewardship Services are best if you are currently working to accumulate wealth through being a good steward of your income. Perhaps as a young professional with a family, you’re faced competing priorities and want to ensure you’re making the right decisions to set you and your family up for success. You are looking for personalized advice and accountability, all while building your financial foundation and working through Dave Ramsey’s Seven Baby Steps.
Our Everyday Stewardship clients have access to a wealth manager for general guidance and receive objective-based investment and portfolio management. This clientele group receives a digital monthly newsletter featuring timely economic updates and grants access to RightCapital, our personalized client planning portal and mobile app.
Retirement & Goal Planning
  • Savings plan for retirement, education, & other financial goals
  • Track net worth & plan future cash flows
Investment Planning
  • Objective-based and customized portfolios
  • Ongoing monitoring & rebalancing
  • 401(k) analysis & recommendations
Tax Planning
  • Pre-tax vs. Roth savings comparison
  • Roth conversion strategies
  • Annual Key Numbers Report
Protection Planning
  • Insurance policy review
  • Life & disability insurance needs analysis
Estate Planning
  • Estate planning checklist
  • Beneficiary review
Generosity Planning
  • Generosity workshops & resources

.35% advisory fee (billed quarterly) on portfolios under $500,000
Financial Planning fee may apply

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