Everyday Stewardship Services

Our Everyday Stewardship clients receive annual reviews with a CFP® Professional as well as regular check-ins, monthly newsletters, webinars, and workshops. This clientele group also has access to Right Capital, our personalized client planning portal and mobile app.

Retirement & Goal Planning:

Savings plan for retirement, education, and other financial goals

Track net worth and plan future cash flows


Objective-based portfolios

Ongoing monitoring and rebalancing

401(k) recommendations


Insurance policy review

Life & disability insurance needs analysis


Pre-tax vs. Roth savings comparison

Roth conversion strategies

Annual Key Numbers Report


Estate planning checklist

Beneficiary review


Generosity workshops and resources

0.35% per quarter on portfolios under $250k+
Additional Financial Planning fee starting at $2000

The fees listed here are the fees we charge for our services as an Investment Advisor Representative of FSC Securities Corporation.  Please note that there is a complete Fee Schedule for FSC Securities Corporation on the firm's Form ADV Part 2A and the fees listed here are within range of fees permitted by the firm.  For more information regarding fees, please request a copy of the firm's ADV Part 2A or visit https://adviserinfo.sec.gov.