Our Purpose Driven Planning Process

Life moves fast and priorities change, but your values remain the same. That's why we center our planning process around your Purpose. From there, we continually walk you through the steps of defining and re-defining your goals, developing and adapting your plan, taking action and making adjustments along the way.


Navigate Change

Tansition to Retirement

Leave a Legacy

1. Discover your Purpose

Our Mission is to help our clients get the most life and purpose out of their wealth. We start by listening and seeking to understand you and your values at the beginning of your Purpose Driven Plan.

2. Define your Goals

With your Purpose in mind, we help you prioritize what is the most important in your current season of life and help you look ahead to establish SMART long-term goals.

3. Develop Your Plan

We then work on creating your Purpose Driven Plan: the roadmap that helps you see where you are now, where you hope to be, and the path you'll take to get there. We help you weigh your options and make informed decisions on exactly what course to take.

4. Implement Your Strategies

With clear direction, we provide you with specific action items so you can move forward with confidence.

5. Monitor your Progress

We regularly meet with our clients to review what they've accomplished, discuss any changes, and plan for what's next by continuing the planning cycle through each new stage of life.